Are you looking for a trusted and experienced pediatrician? Look no further than Fast Track Pediatrics for your newborn’s wellness check-ups and primary care. We will help you through the early stages of your child’s life with nutritional information, developmental progress assessments, and growth charting.

Our Ocala, FL medical clinic is conveniently located right across from the Monroe Hospital Emergency Room, but for minor illnesses and injuries, you will pay only a fraction of the cost by coming to Fast Track Pediatrics. The doctor here has more than 30 years of pediatric emergency room experience,

Fill out the Registration form and Health history before your child’s appointment to save time.

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Our Newborn Care Services Include:

  • Immunizations
  • Lactation consultation referrals
  • Developmental tracking
  • Growth charting
  • Childhood illness treatment
  • Emergency Care
  • Jaundice Blood Testing (monitoring and evaluation for necessary hospitalization)
  • Proper Hygiene Learning
  • Bonding through feeding
  • Teaching Nurturing to young mothers and fathers
  • Improving the physical and mental wellness of the mother and father and stress-coping techniques
  • Ear infections
  • Thrush infections
  • Yeast infections (candidiasis infections)
  • Lead testing

For circumcision of infants, please call Children’s Health of Ocala at 352-671-1800.

Our medical clinic is staffed and supervised by a board-certified pediatrician with experience in the pediatric emergency room.

Contact Fast Track Pediatrics today at 352-433-2633 to schedule an appointment.